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Building Placement

Building Placement

The most valuable Buildings are your Hospitals and Military Tents. Upgrade your Hospitals first, followed by the Military Tents. Hospitals save you both millions of resources and weeks of training time. The Military Tents allow you to train more Troops, while adding a percent (%) speed boost to said training. It should be noted that there is a slider bar for the numbers of troops training in one batch you can adjust. Also, remember camped Troops do not become wounded and WILL die.

For more detailed information regarding the Buildings, click through the various Buildings pages we have for more details on what the next tier has to offer. This allows you to see if there is any benefit to upgrading to the next level at this time. Spend your resources wisely. To make it easier on yourself, keep Buildings of the same resources together: cluster together Farms, Sawmills, etc. It allows for easier upgrading and looks a lot more organized. In the beginning, VIP can be used for speeding up constructing of buildings – with the instant build. Get all your buildings upgraded to the instant point, followed by the more slower buildings for use while away from your game.


Cluster together your Military buildings. Your Stable is forcibly placed during the tutorial (that you skipped), but can be move later for Gold. Place the Barracks, Range and Siege Engine Factory adjacent to the Stables. This allows for faster access to Troop training facilities for recruitment without scrolling around. Place your Drill Grounds north of your Military buildings, between the Lucky Wheel Tavern and Castle Citadel. Place your College, Fortress, Wishing Well, and the Blacksmith to the right side of the courtyard. These facilities perform active functions; however, are less often utilized than that of your Troop training buildings. Place your Embassy and Hall of War to the left of the Traveling Merchant. To the right of the Traveling Merchant, place the Market building. This building placement optimizes the performance of Clash of Kings.

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